Official home of the DE programming language Software Developement Kit

This is the official site of the Software Developement Kit fot the DE programming language

What is the DE programming langage

The DE programming language is a new language designed from the modern languages like C++, C# and Java, with other contributions and new features.

Why a new language?

I wrote the DE programming language because ?'ve developing in a lot of languages, like Java, Delphy and C++, and I think that coding can be made in a more efficient way.

But, DE is only a extension ovcer C++ or really is a new language? Well, if you think that Java is a new language and not only an extension over C++, you can think that DE is a new language.

The goals of DE

  • Fast to code, Fast to compile, Fast to execute *Efficient *General purpose: from system programming to applications developement *Easy to read, for beginners too. *More easy to C++ and Java programmers *Define a Portable Virtual Machine and interpreter to easy delivering and execution of packages

The key features of DE

Sopme of the new features include:

  • A new indentation style, that increases the readability of the code. *Sintax more simple than C++ and Java *Support for Aspect Oriented Programming